Undervalued Russia Stocks – Best Free Investment Advice

Undervalued Russia Stocks – Best Free Investment Advice

There are many Russia stocks that are attractive right now because they appear to be cheaply priced. Russian companies look to be even more attractive because they are creating a closer relationship with China. They can mutually benefit from each other for various reasons.

One major reason China wants to create a closer relationship is because of Russia’s large supply of energy at a relatively cheap price. Gazprom (OGZPY), a very gas company in Russia, recently made a deal with China to supply them with natural gas. The deal is worth about $400 billion over the next ten years, which can be mutually beneficial for both countries. Obviously Gazprom (OGZPY) benefits because they acquired a large purchase from a large customer of natural gas (China).

Gazprom (OGZPY) has some litigation conflicts with European countries. Additionally, investors are unsure about other questionable practices with the company. That is why not many are rushing in to invest in the large oil and gas company. The large amount of speculation makes investors hesitant but it could have an enormous payoff. Gazprom (OGZPY) could very well prevail through all of its conflicts and dramatically increase in price. Despite all of the company’s conflicts, they are still making large deals to sell their natural gas to other countries. They are currently priced (May 16, 2016) at $6.17 per share. Despite all of the speculation about the company, it still appears to be undervalued.

A relatively new Russian company that appears to be undervalued is QIWI PLC (QIWI). They operate electronic online payments and sustain banking activity supporting processing of payments. QIWI’s (QIWI) network allows payment services through physical, online and mobile channels. In recent years, there have been dramatic increases in profit. Also, the company released its first quarter results recently and exceeded analysts’ expectations. QIWI’s (QIWI) recent quarterly performance in 2016 showed that earnings increased over 40% and revenue improved over 35%. Despite the countries macroeconomic slowdown, QIWI (QIWI) seems to be delivering strong results.


QIWI (QIWI) is steadily gaining market share, which makes it an attractive company to invest in. Even though they are a relatively new company, they appear to be undervalued and an attractive investment. They closed at a price of $34.66 per share on May 15, 2016.

These are just two Russian companies that appear to be undervalued. Mobile TeleSystems (MBT) is another Russian company that appears to be currently undervalued that was mentioned previously on this website. They are the largest mobile operator in Russia and also have been performing well despite the recent macroeconomic slowdown. On May 15, 2015, they closed at a price of $12.77 per share. The stock was mentioned on this site February 2, 2016 at a price of $8.34. Again, Mobile TeleSystems (MBT) still appears to be undervalued and has spectacular opportunity for growth.

Getting the Best Auto Insurance Deal

Getting the Best Auto Insurance Deal

Auto insurance is a necessity for virtually every driver in the Australia and elsewhere. Although it is necessary for drivers to have appropriate insurance while driving vehicles, it doesn’t mean that you should be willing to accept high quotes from auto insurance providers for their coverage just because you know you need it. Auto insurance is a very competitive market as there are hundreds of insurance companies fighting for your custom. This means that a better price can often be discovered or negotiated when it’s time to renew your coverage.

Where should you look?


In the current digital age, one of the simplest resources for many people to use while looking for their next insurance deal is the internet. It might not have been available when you first purchased your auto insurance, but since it’s prevalent now, it’s worth using. Checking comparison websites can be a good starting point but not the only type of auto insurance resource that should be considered. Shopping around on the internet is much faster than independently visiting each dealer in your local area on foot, but it’s worth remembering that not all auto insurers are available for comparison using online insurance quote providers.

Websites for independent auto insurance providers that prefer not to be available on comparison websites can also be found with quick internet searches. It might be worth selecting a few of these independent providers as well as using popular comparison services to locate the best deal. Another option would be to do the bulk of your comparisons online and then acquire additional quotes from local dealers before settling for what you think is the best deal.

What does your quote price depend on?


Your quote price depends on the type of insurance you wish to obtain as well as factors such as claims history and vehicle age. To help you,our website provides users with auto insurance advice and may help to answer any questions you have about auto insurance quotes.

Can your quote price be reduced?

Auto insurance quotes can be lowered in a number of ways, to make the prospect of paying for insurance more manageable. Make sure that the type of insurance cover you’re searching for is exactly what you require; there is no point in paying more for coverage with features that you are never going to take advantage of. Equally, it’s not worth going for the cheapest deal if it doesn’t cover everything you need it to. Ways to lower insurance premiums include adding a second, more experienced, driver to inexperienced driver claims, reducing the likelihood of claims for damage and theft by parking off-road in garages and avoiding driving convictions.

Financial Planner Tips

Financial Planner Tips

Americans are used to live in a context marked by risk, and investment and funding decisions we make depend heavily on him and his understanding. We can define the overall risk and the degree of vulnerability that has potential to harm or damage to initiate a certain action but often the risk can also arise from inaction.

But it is important to note that risk refers to the possibility of damage, not the damage itself. Moreover, the risk comes from the Latin word risk care, meaning “daring”. From this it is clear the importance of analyzing in depth what the different types of risks and alternatives to successfully manage them, taking this word in its classical negative connotation to align with our objectives are financial or investment.

2 (1)

Inflation risk

This risk type results in a loss of purchasing power for people on fixed incomes in USD. Rising prices in the economy over the salary increase of the product of the joint negotiation does erode the purchasing power of people, impoverishing them in terms of quantity and quality of goods and services they can access.

Inflation is therefore one of the main concerns nowadays for Americans, but the fear it produces in turn makes the risk analysis and subsequent actions are mostly wrong. There are different ways to “beat” inflation and reduce risk in our domestic economy, such as advancement of current consumption, buying bonds that adjust by CER and ETF investment.

Buying fixed fees in USD is not a recommended way to reduce this risk as the “hedge against inflation” is usually placed by the seller in the total price of the good or service that the alleged liquefaction producing value for the price hike back is just an illusion. Neither does a good interpretation of the inflation risk believe that we can avoid the same increasing the value of the services or goods we sell more than it does “neighbors” because it is the beginning of an inflationary spiral in which all are hurt.

In short: the higher inflation risk has to do with letting go of inaction or compulsive spending generated; and the best way to handle it is it related to keeping a cool head and look for investment opportunities where our money has a greater or equal to the expected rate of inflation returns.

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Devaluation risk

The devaluation risk associated with inflation but goes even further: the risk that the legal currency in USA, weight and the rest of the most used in international trade currencies. The occurrence of these expensive imported inputs, foreign travel and feel of rich traders.  But where many see a risk, others see an opportunity.

Credit risk or rate hike concerns who have applied or plan to apply for loans at a time when interest rates have soared in the financial system through a monetary strategy conducted by the government in order to contain increased parallel dollar.

For those people who are currently paying into mortgage or car loan this risk is a constant concern, increasing the weighting of fee payment in the total monthly family budget. To reduce this risk, there are two things you can try to do. The first attempt passes prepay those persons whose repayment system encourages this type of operation, so as to lower the financial costs associated with the payment of a fee on the rise.

The second is to avoid further borrowing via alternative means of financing and credit cards to informal credit signature alone, since these mechanisms have the highest rates in the system and what looks like a relief in the short term could pose a serious complication in the medium.

Finally, you can also “cross your fingers” and hope that the rate control initiative undertaken by the Government succeeds in containing the rising financial costs embedded in the product loans not an economic context that accompanies too.